Thursday, September 1, 2011

179 Days of Dinner

As many of you know, my husband is "out of town" for the next 179 days.  ;)  During this time, it would be all too easy to run up the credit card bill by eating out every night, or, worse, by letting myself fall back on the convenience of frozen dinners. 

For the record, the last time Cody left (for a short 2 weeks) my entire diet consisted of Gardenburgers and Amy's Frozen Meals. 

This time around, I am determined to eat well.  It is my goal to try new recipes and use as little processed food as possible in my diet.  Wish me well on my journey!


  1. You rock my friend....perhaps i will copy your dinners! ;-) we have been trying to eliminate as much processed food as we can, but we def have MUCH room for improvement lol.
    Good luck on your journey, you will do awesome!!

  2. I'm excited for this :) might be trying a few new recipes that you post!